Digital Natives with a cause


Citizens are agents of change and development Equitable and sustainable development depends on open and vibrant democracies. Citizens are the central actors in public and political arenas. Their ability to hold governments to account and to participate fully in democratic processes is contingent upon the opportunities to freely assemble, associate and express opinions– including the right to se...


Digital AlterNatives with a Cause?

Digital AlterNatives with a Cause?

Hivos (The Hague) and The Centre for Internet and Society (Bangalore)  consolidate their 3 year knowledge inquiry into the field of youth,  technology and change in the 4 book collective "Digital AlterNatives  with a cause?". This collaboratively produced collective, edited by  Nishant Shah and Fieke Jansen,asks critical and pertinent questions  about theory a...



Nishant Shah @Republica 2010

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Evgeny Morozov: A Twitter Revolution without revoluationaries?

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