Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters

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Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters

Dialogues of policy, practitioner and academic knowledges by Wenny Ho

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In the Think Piece LIKE A BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS: Dialogues of policy, practitioner and academic knowledges the author Wenny Ho deals with Cross-domain Knowledge Integration (KI) in International Development Cooperation (IDC). KI is understood as processes of knowledge co-creation linking domains particularly those of policy-making, science and practitioners.

This research paper is a Hivos - IKM Emergent initiative and builds on pointers that emerged from a number of earlier workshops, but is mainly based on a literature review of different theoretical streams. Its focus is to tease out elements and principles that determine effective knowledge creation processes, especially in The Netherlands.

In general, IDC would benefit from a more rigorous analysis, a deeper understanding of what constitutes a claim that can be backed by empirical studies, and what are normative propositions with perhaps a high morality, but more limited validity. Development professionsals need to strengthen their capacity to discern normative, value led statements from substantive arguments derived from evidentary bases. The capacity to discern is especially important in the development sector as a key role in its reflexivity is assigned to renumerated consultants.

Important lessons can be learnt regarding knowledge co-creation and integration for development by analyzing how these processes are shaped in other sectors. The paper explored how knowledge and knowledge creation takes place in the sectors of Agriculture, Health and Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

Propals for the future are put forward to bring a new dynamism in knowledge co-creation efforts.

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The research publication has been made available on this website, find the link below.


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